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    Hey All,

    I bought my first pre on launch day and it had a manufacturing date of 5/23/2009. After a few days I had bubbles appear under the screen, bad discoloration, noticed dead pixels, and the keyboard failed about a week after. I also noticed the slider was becoming pretty loose with more use. I wanted to report that I just exchanged my pre for a new one with a manufacturing date of 6/23/2009.

    This one is definitely a more sturdy build of the previous Pre. There is no wobbling between the parts, it feels more compact and closes tightly. Touch screen seems more responsive and I have absolutely no stuck/dead pixels or any discoloration within the screen.

    I've ready similar findings of what I'm reporting so it seems there is a good chance Palm is answering these defects for the new batches.
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    I had the same experience the manager of the store told me that they had heard that they had a new manufacturing process that cause the phone to be a bit heavier but would reduce wobbling.

    Im not sure how a manager would know that but it does feel much sturdier than the launch day one.
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    If there is really a weight difference then bust out a scale and weigh it... see if it's 135g like the original or if it has changed. If you don't have a scale call your local pot dealer and i'm sure he'll be glad to help you out.
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    Where is the manufacturing date to be found?
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    Quote Originally Posted by galavanter View Post
    Where is the manufacturing date to be found?
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    Does it feel dimensionally smaller... even if you feel it is slightly smaller?
    Someone else had made a similiar comment. But he said a little lighter too.
    Sounds promising.

    Quote Originally Posted by LEED3D View Post
    it feels more compact and closes tightly.
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    Thanks mdmogren. 05/26/09 Warranty Date Code, purchased launch day.
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    I'm not saying that your new phone is not sturdier or that the newest builds aren't any better, but i doubt palm has made changes to the manufacturing specs that are showing up already. I am a machine designer, so i am familiar with engineering change process and it just doesn't happen over night, especially when you are manufacting products in the hundreds of thousands.

    It is possible that they have changed assembly processes (torque specs possibly) and if that is the case that shows promise that small defects can be resolved or repaired. I think what is more likely that you will start seeing the slider loosen up as you use it. When i first got my phone on launch, it was really tight and it has loosened up over time. It doesn't bother me. Keep in mind that for a 2 parts to slide relative to each other, there has to be some give between those parts. So these type of issues are just the nature of the beast.

    Also one other thing to think about (with all my other rambling) is they may have tightened their QC processes so fewer defective devices are getting out.

    I'm with everyone else though, i hope things are going in the right direction.
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    It doesn't feel smaller or seem to weigh less/more than my first Pre. It's just easier to slide open and feels much more compact when it closes. Another big improvement would definitely be the lack of screen discoloration. It seems to have been a common problem for many Pre's but I have absolutely no fuzziness/clouding anywhere on the screen now.
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    agreed quicksilver.
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    I suppose it's entirely possible that someone walked out of their office with half their a** missing and had a little "chat" with the line managers.
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    I tend to agree she had told me that they were using a new process, I took that to mean a new quality control process not actual design or build process.
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    hm that sounds promising!! i am on my third pre right now, and its warranty date is 6/22/2009. the screen is free from dead pixels and bubble, but it's the first time i've experienced the wobbly/oreo rotating screen that others have described. i looked at two other phones at the store today (that would've been #4 had i taken either of those) and they both have thw wobbly/oreo rotating screen issue too. i'm going to wait until next weekend and see if i can swap it out, hopefully for the last time.
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    I received the yellow sleeve box not the flower boxed one like I did on launch day, not sure if that makes any difference either.

    My build date is 6/30/2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrissurra View Post
    My build date is 6/30/2009
    Really...That is awesome! I want a time machine like you have to go into the future! (hint - todays date is 6-28-09)
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    haha typo sorry 6/20/2009
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    My second phone started out a lot tighter as well, build date is 6/12. After a week it's just as wobbly as the first one.
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    Had the same experience myself. Exchanged my phone 3 times(one being a refurb that the tech at the store told me was impossible as the phone was too new to have refurbs) before this saturday. Build date of 6/23. Will check tomorrow against my coworkers launch date pre.
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    Well, I'm on my second Pre, hope this is the one, so far, it is.
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    Mine is 6/17. Much less wobbly than number 1. But a tiny bit twisty.
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