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    Can a Palm Pre be used with being activated? like for web surfing or as an organizer or to sync contacts? I plan on buying one outright but not activating for a few weeks later.
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    You *may* be able to use the calender and what not, but you wouldn't be able to use any of the data services such as internet/contact syncing etc. without being activated. It *MAY* work on Wifi, but from my use with the Pre, it seems like anything data related does a "check" through 1x/Evdo/Roaming data etc. and than allows wifi to take over. Could be wrong about that though.

    Edit: What I mean by the "check" is that when I turned my phone settings to Sprint only/Evdo only before the signal "fix," whenever I had no service at all at my house, even with Wifi on, none of the data services would work. Once it hit 1x, it would allow WiFi to take over and do things. Seems like it checks to make sure it's hooked up before it allows data to be used over WiFi.

    Either way, I wouldn't plan on using hardly anything on the Pre short of the Calender/Memo/Tasks without being hooked up to a sprint account. It may not even turn on all the way, since you need to create a Palm Profile, and it than sends the info over the phones data connection before it starts WebOs for the first time.

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