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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    Me too. It's amazing if Sprint doesn't have a mobile site for this stuff. At least something for billpay and mobile check.

    BTW, the OP took a screenshot from his phone. I know the iPhone can do that but can we do it on the Pre?
    Sure. I think the combo is Orange + Symbol + P.
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    Hmm, I've got to find my old bill, looks like its not quite up online yet (probably will be in a few days). New billing cycle started yesterday

    So, one days worth of usage...

    0 anytime minutes
    2 night and weekend minutes
    6 texts
    52481 data

    Hah. 50mb in a day.
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    Text 607
    Data 854786
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    Btw, I'm new to Sprint. Thier data is true unlimited for mobile devices, right? Or is there a soft limit of 5GB like thier broadband cards?
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    Texts: 12,346
    Data Plan: 753,901
    Pic mail: 351

    Love the Pre!!
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    Christ how do you people use so many texts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deanandbek View Post
    Texts: 12,346
    Data Plan: 753,901
    Pic mail: 351

    Love the Pre!!
    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

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    Haha I'm up to 12000 texts now. Almost a gig of data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam1am View Post
    I'm at about 350MB as well. My online bill shows that I owe -$5, which is the best wireless bill I've ever had. I hope they continue to pay me to use their service.

    As a side note - I wish the Sprint app would give me this information, rather then the useless FAQ.
    mine says $-5 also and im not sure why haha
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    Lot more than i expected, but these numbers are for only 1/2 a month so far!

    txt 354
    data 154298
    txt: 208
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    Text - 668 txts
    Data - 964mb
    R.I.P. Windows Mobile (2002 - 2009)

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    The pre is deffinitly easy to type on... I remember the old rumors about the keyboard beibg hard to type with.. But I can bust out a 500 character texts easily!
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    467 mb since June 12th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffsaha View Post
    mine says $-5 also and im not sure why haha
    Just checked and mine is saying -$8.28!!

    Oh :-( It's because I overpaid by $8.28....
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    Usage from the 6th to the 27th of June.

    86 text messages (which is like a tenfold increase since no one I know texts anymore)
    531,043kb in data

    I'll be honest, I was hoping to break the GB mark. I feel like I failed a little
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    I got my phone 6/9 but my current bill cycle is 20th of each month, So from 6/20 to 7/1 im at 289875kb and 1403 text 5mms
    SCK Manager
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    I've had my phone since launch and I've used about 800MBs of data(can't give exact numbers since my billing period just reset) and about 1500 text. That and 1100 anything minutes and about 2500 night and weekend minutes were used.
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    3 1/2 Weeks:

    931 Anytime Minutes
    1,590 Texts (omg - I just added a phone for my daughter 5 days ago - 1,535 texts)
    400mb Data
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    Since 6/11

    Anytime Talk - 18 min (haha)
    Text - 1121
    Data - 979 MB
    Pic Mail - 22

    I'm so hitting the GB mark
    Always pimpin'
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    11 days with a Palm Pre:

    Anytime Minutes: 365 (lower then I would have thought...slow 11 days I guess)
    Text: 31 (compared to 31 in my previous 10 years with Sprint)
    Data: 448348
    Pic Mail: 0
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