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    Why did my store tell me I could only return the Pre once? I will need to return it again because there is a horrible yellow spot at the bottom of the screen. It is rather unfortunate because my first Pre had few issues, yes there was light bleeding and slight wiggle, but they weren't that noticeable. I had to turn it in for a new one because the porting process went totally bad, and now my phone #2 sucks in comparison to the first one due to a giant yellow spot at the bottom of the screen.

    As for why I needed a new phone - the porting process didn't take hold for my phone so the tech person had me input the new number manually. It didn't work so they had me totally wipe/reset the phone. However, since I didnt have data access your phone is basically bricked. It will stay stuck on the enter palm profile screen and wont let you access the dial pad other than to call customer service. Thus, the tech support people in store couldn't fix it and I had to get a new one ;p. Be wary of doing any tech support over the phone as they don't seem to know what they are doing. Sigh.
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    if its manufacture defect they are suppose to return it as many times as it takes in 30 days, The 1 exchange is for changing to a different device
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    Keep in mind that everone has a 1 year factory warranty with Palm and all Sprint Corp. Stores are directed to just do on site swaps.

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