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    This is terrible! I've had my pre for nearly three weeks and everything works great. My experience with Sprint has been good and the pre battery is lasting all day. While it is true, a rock hit my wife's windshield and cracked it, and my dog threw up on the living room carpet, everything else is okay. What am I doing wrong?
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    It hasn't been perfect, but I like it a lot.
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    I can't say I have zero gripes, but they're all relatively forgivable and it is by far the best phone (or PDA) I've ever owned.
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    Biggest thing is that was tight when new, now it's getting loser. I think you can go through as many Pres as you like, they will all loosen up to some point, I just hope it stays now and doesnt' get any worse.
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    I encountered one minor freeze up with pandora which caused me to go a quick reset. Otherwise I'm very satisfied with the whole package. To me the Pre gives me to the best of both worlds. Productivity and entertainment in a smooth and responsive package called WebOS. To be honest the reason I was drawn to the Pre was because of WebOS. To come from windows mobile, no real complaints except it was clunky but I was able to get things done which is good, and also being able to experience iPhone OS I'm very pleased. Also my fingers are flying on that qwerty keyboard which I was a bit worried about at the beginning.

    Zero gripes here. Expecting Palm to really develop WebOS into a stellar platform for the Pre and any other hardware it pops on it.
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    No gripes for me.. Battery needs some improvement, but hey, what are car chargers for...
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    I wish my slider was a little tighter..almost took it in yesterday and exchanged it but changed my mind...other then that I am very happy.
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    I have not had any issues, I had a problem with my pre and returned it no questions asked. I have a nice 25% discount on my monthly service and with google voice I have unlimited minutes.

    I couldnt be happier.
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    All my "gripes" are changeable through software updates other than no microSD slot. The battery is not an issue any more after the newness of the phone wore off and installing a touchstone in the car
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    Quote Originally Posted by acipollo View Post
    No gripes for me.. Battery needs some improvement, but hey, what are car chargers for...
    Love it. No probs for either my wife or me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Funky Cricket View Post
    Love it. No probs for either my wife or me

    I have 1 dead pixel but I don't care. Overall, I love the phone and the service.

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    The phone is fine...i've had several dropped calls and poor reception in my house and office.
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    I'm lovin it.
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    It's a phone, they all have issues. Starting from that premise I'm happy with it; other than the fact I dropped it a few hours after I got it at launch and it has a small crack on the lower left corner that is. Although I will state, been with Sprint over 13 years and this is the first phone I will use the TEP on after 3 years of paying for it, and before the end of the year I admit. I've bought over $300 worth of accesories so I'm committed to the phone. Looking forward to future hardware and software revisions so I can make my TEP claims count.
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    I've had absolutely NO hardware issues with my Pre...everything works PERFECTLY!! I love the WebOS, I don't care about having a ton of apps to download, just saves me $$$. LOL I just have a few minor software gripes (forwarding a text message, shooting video) I found it a little weird about the email landscape view...type in RocknRollHax and it works? what the hell, feel like I should be learning Playstation codes again, but for my Pre! If the phone has that capabilitly make it functional and not have all of us having to find the top secret code breaking password! What's next...Palm is putting out a book titled "Top secret hacks for your Palm Pre"?
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    No 'gripes'- certainly not everything is perfect, but I would imagine a ferrari f40 isn't perfect either- but I would say the phone has met and/or exceeded my expectations in pretty much everything (and my expectations were very high). Very satisfied.
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    no issues here. no crashes , except for the now fixed loose battery issue. want more apps but I know its coming...
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    It's impossible to not have any complaints at all about anything.
    My Pre has two dead pixels, which I have to look for to see, but other than that I LOVE it.

    Of course it's not perfect, but it's the best phone for me that's available right now..
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Like most people I have no gripes with mine. Its a launch day model and its perfect. Palm is making some incredible devices these days.
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    I have no major gripes only minor issues as mentioned by others (battery, slider, ect). I realized when I bought it that it was a first generation device and have found myself very pleased so far. I am optimistic that palm is going to update/patch some of the issues and there will be work arounds for the others. The phone is a pretty incredible device considering the visor phone I had, what seems just a few years ago....
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