View Poll Results: Which one do you use most to get in Card Mode?

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  • Button

    34 26.15%
  • Gesture Slide Up

    75 57.69%
  • Either Or

    21 16.15%
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  1. excberry's Avatar
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    ... since sliding up from the gesture area does the same thing. and i'd rather not put wear and tear on the button anyway!
  2. urkel's Avatar
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    Just like God, palm chose to make the nipple useless and purely for aesthetic reasons.
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    Hopefully it will be able to be remapped, then it might have a useful function. Until then, I try to ignore it.
  4. StefanP's Avatar
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    I hope they remove the button for the gsm version
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    They should make the center button able to unlock the phone.
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    I use the button to get to card view. I'm not a huge fan of gestures, namely because the back gesture is kind of uncomfortable with how I'm usually holding the phone. Swiping up isn't so tedious, but I'm already used to it.

    And I agree, the 'useless nipple' should be able to unlock the phone.
  7. twizted25's Avatar
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    to ez to press the button in your pocket to unlock phone. Would rather not see it do that
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    I'm just lazy enough to look for something more convenient than opening the slider or reaching all the way to the power button. Plus, I have simple pin set; even after I would hit the button I still have to drag up the lock icon and type in the pin.

    So for me it wouldn't matter. An option would be nice, but that's been covered a million times over on this forum.
  9. urkel's Avatar
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    Anyone use the "advanced gestures" feature (it's enabled in the screen settings). It makes it so when you're within an app then a full swipe right or left will take you straight to the next open app without having to go to cards view. If you do this then the nipple acts as a starting point to differentiate with fwd/back and app switching.
  10. jscatliffe's Avatar
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    Gestures 100% of the time. Can't remember the last time I used the center button. Perhaps in future updates they might make that button programmable for other functions. ie. double tap to pull up music player!
  11. Tikerz's Avatar
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    There was similar poll done here:
  12. groovy's Avatar
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    You forgot to add the option "Already voted on the two other polls about this subject"
  13. suzi's Avatar
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    The center button is an evolutionary throwback to the 5 way key. Like the appendix, we don't have a use for it any more, but it's still hanging around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    Just like God, palm chose to make the nipple useless and purely for aesthetic reasons.
    You're referring to the male nipple I hope...

    I actually do use the button for card view, but I'd prefer a small 5 way to a button with such a limited use.

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