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    Ok for the past 2 years of using Winmo phones... Vogue .. then a Diamond I've loaded new roms and did customizing on a weekly basis... trying to make the thing run as smooth and as user friendly as possible. It was fun and I do enjoy it to a degree but it's wearing on me and I think I'm sick of it.. I get my upgrade status on July 1st and hoping the Pre will put a stop to this.... I'm sure there's alot of people who did this.. are you spending less time messing with your phones and more time enjoying? I'm just a little afraid I'll be refreshing precentral/engadget.. misc forums.. etc. for constant new crap I can do with the phone.. always waiting for a new program(kinoma/slingplayer) or a fix or a firmware update to fix some problem or improve battery life.. crap what a waste of time! Can't wait to get my Pre Wednesday!
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    My Wife has been on WinMo phones for the last 4-5 years. She has been through plenty. Her words after working on the Pre for 20 minutes: "This is the coolest phone i have ever used."

    The only thing she has missed is the tap to hold menu. But she is adjusting and loving it.
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    Yea, I've was a winmo user for 2 years before I got the Pre. I do find myself on here everyday, but that's just because I like being able to add new functionality to my gadgets. Also, being as new as it is, and the SDK was just released, there's not the plethora of apps that was available for winmo, so it's kind of a waiting game for my favorite apps to be ported. Still, I love the Pre and don't regret making the switch.
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    My feeling is that people tweak their devices out of boredom. Casemodding your PC, obsessively skinning your desktop themes, putting obnoxious "bling" on your motorola razr. People did stuff like this because whats inside the device was a bit boring so they wasted time with this stuff. But when you have a product that you use more as a tool than a toy then you tend to quit wasting time with customizing and the Pre is no toy.
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    Much of the time I spent "customizing" my Windows Mobile phones (Mogul and then Touch Pro) were to overcome serious usability problems like buttons that were way to small to touch without a stylus. And then there were the performance problems, such as out-of-memory issues and how interminable it was to just switch from one running application to another. The missed calls because I was trying to run navigation and it was too difficult to accept a call, etc., etc.

    I've not felt the need to customize my Pre this way because, well, it simply works. With 1.0.3, out of memory messages have only popped up when I was testing ridiculous numbers of open applications (I don't get it until I try to open more than 20 cards). And it's so easy to switch from one application to another and in general to access the Pre's functions that I can't imagine changing very much.

    Sure, there are and will be with any device things I wish I could change. But, I could use the Pre as-is (with a few more applications), for the most part, and never get the urge to hack it. Even thought it's so much easier to hard reset and restore than any Windows Mobile device.
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    After quite some time with several WM devices, I love the Pre. My main issue with WM was how unusable it was out of the box. While powerful, it just needed a lot of help to get it to where I was happy with it. It was nice that if you wanted it to do something there was always a way due to all the software. The Pre is great out of the box. Not perfect, but very usable.

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