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    Hi everyone,

    Not much of an instruction manual that came with the pre. I keep seeing that people are able to do screen captures, and then email them over to someone else. At least thats what I thought I saw in one of the pre commercials. Where do I find information on how I am able to do these things? Am I missing out on other functionality? Any help would be appreciated as to where I can find this information.

    Thanks so much again!
    Andy K
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    Orange + shift +p = screenshot.

    Hit plus button on screen to create new email - attach...
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    Orange Symbol P, or Orange Shift P to catch the screen. Then in your photos the picture is under "screencaptures" click your photo to email, click top left screen and click share via email.
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    Thanks for your messages!
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    I tried it and it brings up search or launcher. I tried holding them down together, and I tried doing them sequentially. What am I doing wrong?
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    Never mind, it did work, I just had to go to Photos/Screen Captures to see them. Thanks very much for this tip.
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    Ha Ha... I tought my screen capture didn't work as well. Then i figured out they were going to a specific folder and had to delete like 75 photos of random crap.
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    yeah i really wish there was something to let you know that a screen capture had been taken
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    This is certainly the time for a shutter sound.

    OT I was going to point at you Siteoner, but find symbols won't register here, when replying on the Pre.
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