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    Yeah I definitely have my phone dialer in the quick launch bar. It's just a tap, tap into the call history.

    My quick launch goes dialer, SMS, web, camera. I'm sure everyone's is different, but definitely the dialer is a good one to consider having on there IMO.
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    Fastest way for me to redial last number called is to double click my bluetooth headset and it will redial.
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    The quickest way for Last number dialed is to bring up the dialpad and click the "green phone" button without pressing any numbers. It will redial your last number!
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    I understand what youre sayin but its really not that much of an inconvenience is it?
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    I have the phone in the quick launch. 99% of the people I talk to I have speed dials set up, and it's much easier to just tap the phone and hold down the respective button than open up the keyboard and type their name/number.

    If I want to redial the last number I spoke to, I just tap open the phone and hit the 'call' (green phone) button twice.
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    I'm sure you know this already but....

    After you press your phone in the quick launch, press the big green phone button and it opts you to dial the last person you connected to. (weather its incoming or outgoing)
    Didn't know that. I have been wondering why opening the phone app, clicking the call log button, than pressing a name/number was the fastest way to "redial" and important call that wasn't answered the first time around.
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