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    Personally, this is the first time its happened 2me, but my brothers pre has been doing it every morning.. It says "You've been signed out of your palm profile, etc"... its bs.. mine just did it 2night while iwas at a bar.. its bull..

    Anyone elses do this? is there a solution?
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    Nope. Do you have any apps loaded? Or, you may want to turn off automatic backups and see if that helps.
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    I did a manual backup and now my automatic backups no longer happen
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    my first pre did as well. After exchanging it (because of the loose battery issue), my new pre hasn't done it all. If you search the forum, there's a thread about it

    I strongly believe it is a hardware issue since several other people reported exchanging the pre resolved their issues.
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    No it has never said anything about a restart.. I do think its the battery b/c when I shut the keyboard sometimes it resets, but it never went through the whole "Setting up your pre" stuff.. I dont get it, why would it sign me out and reset my phone?

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    You have 100 free days of Palm technical support. I would suggest that you or your brother give them a call.

    I would recommend brushing up on your Indian, though.

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