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    Earlier this week I noticed a small chip in the screen. At first I thought it was just some dirt on the screen because I felt it as I was swiping. But then I looked at the screen at a different angle and could see that it was actually a chip in the screen. Then earlier today a noticed a second chip.

    They dont really bother me as theyre hardly noticeable but im just wondering if im covered if i do decide theyre getting on my nerves
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    That should be covered by insurance, though you'll likelyhave to pay the deductible.
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    Since you are still within your 30 day return period I pretty sure Sprint will just exchange it for you. I would try that before trying to do a replacement through insurance. I'm sure you will have to pay $100-$150 for an insurance replacement.

    Well I wanted to post a link but this lame site wont let me since I haven't made more than 10 posts (WTF!!!). Just google sprint insurance replacement prices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cloak.n.dagger View Post
    ...Well I wanted to post a link but this lame site wont let me since I haven't made more than 10 posts (WTF!!!)
    Unbeknown to you, there are spambots floating across the web that can auto register at any forum, regardless of any security protection and pop up in the middle of a thread with a link to send you to a malicious site that will load a java virus on your computer before you can blink an eye.
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    I'm in the same boat, my screen has some really ugly bubbles on the right and left side of the screen. I really think it's because of the heat from the battery. i bought the phone @ a radio shack in CA, and I'm in the 30day window. But the problem is i'm in NC, and no radio shacks around here carry phone. I'm returning to CA in Aug, so i'm hoping that my insurance will exchange my phone without being charged a deductible.
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    Is it a chip in the plastic or something else? If it's considered cosmetic damage (scratches, etc.) then the warranty/30 day exchange won't happen. Anything that is considered a defect is good for the 30 day exchange or free replacement under the TEP coverage, or even covered as a free replacement under the warranty by the S&R center if you didn't get the TEP.
    Insurance claims cost $100 for the Pre.
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