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    Well my wife just walked in to see me sitting in front of a 20 inch screened laptop, screen in screensaver, while browsing on my Pre...
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    You were caught because she didn't know you had the Pre or because of what you were looking at on the Pre?
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    That I had a giant $2500 laptop there, and I preferred browsing on a 3 in. Screen...
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    Done that a few times with the web and certainly with email. For some reason, the multitasking seems more useful on the Pre as long as you aren't looking to cut & paste too much.

    On a mobile device you can go from phone to nav to contacts to email. You don't really need that on a PC. You don't need to take a photo, send it via email and then call the recipient. That's a mobile only need. The Pre is AWESOME at these tasks - better than a desktop and even a laptop, just because of portability and having a phone.

    Thursday I sent a text, got and took the reply call and was listening to Pandora. All while in the middle of a tennis game with the Palm headphones on. Can't do that with a laptop.
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    Email on the Pre seems much better than any Email app I've used on a computer, when dealing with a couple arriving every now and then.
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    Time to lock the door behind ya!

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