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    First post ever. Don't know if anyone posted this but in the browser if you double click on a field you will zoom in to like 300%. Cool little trick I just discovered.
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    lol thank you
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    glad you discovered it. it is in the manual. also works on most apps that can be zoomed. works great in an email - double tap on a text frame to zoom that frame to fit the screen.

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    Yeah its another of the great features of the Pre. It doesn't zoom in 300% it just zooms to the field to fit the screen, while in either portrait or landscape view.

    Also WELCOME, I bet you were here for a long time before you registered, like me.
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    I like the feature as well, but (and I can't believe I'm saying this), Opera on Windows Mobile handles this a little more cleanly. When it's a text column, you can zoom and Opera flows the text to fit the column better (no scrolling).

    I'm hoping Palm tightens this up a bit.
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    I didn't know. I just used it to write ths. Welcome.
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    It dont zoom it all the way on some pages. It show the width of a line for me. Like on the regular facebook mobile page.

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