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    Sometimes when I load a page it just cuts off after a certain point. It has been really annoying when I am browsing the mobile site on my pre. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Some examples of pages that it happens to? I havent had this issue once since getting rid of my inSTINK and picking up my beautiful pre!
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    I see it a lot on the official palm forums of all places.
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    It happened to me a couple days ago.
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    It would load the whole page, and then it would cut it off for some reason after 3 seconds.

    It's working now... I've done a hard reset since then; that could fix the problem.
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    Hmm. Now i can't find a page that is doing it. It isnt consistent, so I am thinking it has something to do with memory usage. Next time it happens, i will take a screenshot.
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    If it's the same issue I'm seeing, it happens to me a lot. I have to change the orientation of the phone (portrait to landscape or vice-versa) and back again to get the page to fully load. It's not a huge deal, but it's annoying when it happens repeatedly. It happens to me on several different pages that I frequent.
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    I have had a browser issue where it starts to simply fail to load. The indicator at the bottom right will just continuously spin without doing anything. Clearing the history and cache fixes it.
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    never seen this issue on my pre and i surf a LOT but i do try to keep no more than 3-5 cards open at a time
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    maybe try clearing out your cache?
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