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    ......... lol @ e-gangsta'z
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    Quote Originally Posted by positron View Post
    I posted a help reply to your post, it was the second or third one; but it and the two others that followed are Now Missing! Why? This being asked to "Treocentral"

    My post was the one where I guessed that "copyrighted" issues may be why no cut & paste etc. Then gave a way to restore a Cut and Paste on the "Pre."

    This is very bizarre. Treocentral why would you remove the three posts that were trying to give solutions to "farrack02" post?

    Wow, this makes me think of those old 60's pictures and the terms they used.. Treocentral Removing help reply posts, on this (now) heated issue as its turned out to be, reguarding the "Pre"; as they termed in the 60's pictures makes some think you are controlled by the "man."

    Hope Not.

    About our three posts missing though? Mine and two (other members)?
    Thats crazy!!! anyway you can re-post your post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMoney749 View Post
    Scuba Steve, you're about the most level-headed guy on this forum and I always appreciate your contributions.

    Although I don't use copy and paste all that much, I agree they should fix it. As for Apple, I think this feature goes in the category of the one-button mouse; its not that they COULDN'T do it...

    You are too kind. I guess that I am just not that much of an e-gangsta
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