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    Also, getting an insurance replacement and then trying to return it to Sprint is insurance fraud.
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    This is a big bunch of BS. Why wouldn't they take the insurance replacement back. Or why shouldn't you be able to get a defective phone replaced at any Sprint outlet. After all, all the Palm Pres and made by Palm and sold exclusively by Sprint. Where do they think this replacement phone came from????

    Something has to be done about this ridiculous situation. These phones are not being counterfieted.
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    It's not a defective phone; it's a damaged phone. There's a HUGE difference between the two. They should allow you to cancel without an ETF, but they are under no obligation to return your purchase cost for something you broke.
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    I did NOT BREAK the original phone.
    Some people on this forum can't seem to understand that this product has had numerous cases of cracking from the inside with no help from the user.

    There's a possibility of a manufacturing defect here.
    My original phone was babied by me. Kept in its case or on a touchstone.
    It cracked anyway, and my store refused to offer a replacement, automatically assuming I broke it.

    So, seeing the horrible treatment from my local store, and the unwillingness on the part of either Sprint or Palm to take responsibility for their defective product, I did not want to lock myself into 2 years of additional lies and deceit.
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    If you didnt break it then why did you file an insurance claim, youre either lying or extraordinarily stupid.

    If the phone failed under warranty then you pick up your phone, call a sprint store near your home, walk or drive there and tell them its defective. They then give you a new phone and you go home.

    You admitted wrong doing by filing an insurance claim and now want to return the phone.
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    WRONG !
    My sprint store said it had "Physical Damage" and would NOT allow me to do an exchange.

    And SPRINT CS did not offer any alternative.
    This miserable excuse for a company left me no alternative.
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    Sucks you had to go through all of that, but it's really not Sprint's fault.

    Any large screen device is susceptible to cracking if the screen is flexed at all. This can be anything from an actual impact to the device getting flexed against your leg while in your pocket. Touchscreens are even more vulnerable.

    I cracked a screen on a Blackberry once when i had it in a cargo pocket and banged a rail. I also cracked the screen on an Ipaq Pocket PC by sitting in a chair and having it wedge a little between my the chair and my hip.

    That said, you probably didn't drop the phone down the stairs, but you DID break it. Sprint used to cover physical damage (they replace the aforementioned Blackberry for free though it was clearly my fault), but as phones get more and more advanced, they can't be expected to eat the enormous costs of these devices be it from carelessness, bad luck, or an all out fluke. If they gave you a working unit when you left the store it's now on you to take care of it. I wouldn't something from a friend, bring it back broken, and expect him to be responsible for it.

    Also, they're not going to take back another phone they didn't sell and there aren't too many other companies they would. As agreed by accepting the insurance, you acknowledge that under a claim you may not get a new phone as far as not receive the same model. Why would Sprint take back what is possibly a refurbished phone as new when they sold you a brand new, functioning phone? It's silly to think they would. And letting you out of your contract is contingent on receiving the subsidized equipment in the same condition they gave it to you and you cannot.

    Bottom line is you broke your phone, you had the insight to have insurance, and now have a working phone. No one has defrauded anyone, except maybe you for trying to pass off another phone as the original. My suggestion is to better understand something before you sign it. Sprint acted perfectly in line with their clearly written policies.

    All told, if you still have your Pre, enjoy it. You're only out $100 from where you were on launch day. Hold on to your $200 and cancel later if you truly feel that you will be done wrong in the future.
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