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    How does one go about deleting the history of youtube and the web browser and stuff? I find it kind of odd that your history is etched in stone and not removable.

    Anyway, I looked through the phone for such an option, and I didn't find anything. Then I tried prodding through the hidden files of the phone, and I still didn't find any way of deleting cookies or something. It's probably hidden deeper, but I have no idea how to get deeper beyond just looking at hidden files.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions on how you could go about this?
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    For Youtube:
    Open up the program, click on "Popular" on the top, then choose "History". On the bottom left is a "Clear" button.

    For Web:
    Open up the program, click on "Web" on the top left. Choose "Preferences" & then click "Clear History" (and you can clear the cookies & cache too).

    For the Call History:
    Click the phone app, choose the log icon (on the bottom right). Click on "Sprint" on the top left, choose "Clear Call History".
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    In the web browser, push the "web" button in the upper left corner. Select history. Then in the history screen, push the same web button. Push clear history.
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    ... -_-

    Wow guys, I feel pretty stupid, alright, thanks.

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