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    I upgraded two phones to the Palm Pre and moved from two individual SERO plans to the 1500 Everything Data plan with a 23% discount. I was charged the $18 fee twice. I called CS to ask for them to be credited and they only agreed to credit one.
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    I just did the web chat and told them

    "I was told at the store I wouldn't be charged this fee"

    After a few times of saying that they refunded it.
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    They did tell me at the store there would be a fee for changing phones, however when i got my Pre they had trouble becuase of my plan, 1500 everything family plan, so the "new" sprint employee had to rmeove my plan add the phone and then add my plan back, and when i check my bill this month, they had actually negated my bill so i only paid some tax's this month, so basically i got a free month for upgrading to the pre!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I got these charges as well for myself, my wife, and my parents (who are also on my plan). CS refused to remove until I told them about the ATT store across the street that would be happy to sell me iphones for all my family without any bogus fees. 1 min on hold later, all fees reversed.
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