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    Bold works fine but when I try and use italics (Sym + I) it does go to italics but it types a little weird "i". What is up with that? I am my the only one having this problem? Can you guys try that to see what I am talking about and let me know if you are having the same problem?

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    I had no idea there were keyboard shortcuts. But you can edit the text, in mail, in the edit window where cut and paste go. Bold, Italics and font color are located there.
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    OK I tried it. I seem to get the i too. You wanna get me the hell out of italics now please?

    Repeating same doesn't do it. Where is info on keyboard shortcuts? My pdf manual turned up nothing when I searched for bold or italics.
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    I'll trade a keyboard shortcut I just found if you get me out of italics.
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    I restarted. You don't deserve this but I learned (while googling to get out of italics) that holding the shift key while pressing the delete key deletes a word at a time.

    By the way when cutting and pasting I have experienced the same thing, namely an x, c, or v being typed, if I release my finger from the gesture area before releasing the aforementioned letters. Maybe we were doing something similar here.

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    This is weird. If you are in italics and hit "Sym" and "I" to get out of italics the little "i" is typed but if you continue to type it will come out of italics...only if you leave the little "i" there with no spaces. This must be a bug.
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    Yeah, huh. Haven't figured out how to turn off italic from the keyboard - but it can be toggled from the Edit menu.

    E-mail -> Edit; Cut, Copy, Paste, Bold, Italic, Underline, Text color.
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