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    The biggest battery increase will come from ##3836# and setting it not to use 3G, meaning 1xrtt only, that goes for any phone not just the pre
    Uhh, but we bought it for 3G. I'm leaving all that stuff turned on. The answer for me is a charger at work, a charger at home, and a charger in the car - same as I did with my Blackberry.
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    Actually with my 3rd Pre the battery life has lasted me from 8am - 10pm on one charge with emails coming in "as items arrive", twitter/myspace/facebook updates, text messasing, MMS messaging, surfing the web for baseball scores on mobile espn, chatting on where wall from time to time, and calls here and there. Around 10pm-ish I was at 32% battery life. This makes me happy and I still plan on buying the extended battery soon.
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