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    I must say, when I got my second Pre it felt really tight, but in the week I have been using it, it loosened up quite a bit to the point that it's about as loose as the first one I had. I hope it doesn't get much worse, I can live with it the way it is now. Sucks though, I am really careful in how I handle it and how I open and close the keyboard, and still it loosens up.

    But, I suppose that's the most commonly heard complaint.... anyone that says their Pre feels solid as a rock, including the slider, is lying!
    I was told that this was on purpose - the loosening. I have the TEP coverage so I don't much care. It's strong enough to hold itself in place when I open the slider on my car-mounted touchstone. That's really as much sturdiness as I need.
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    Some updates:

    1. Still love my phone. But, I think I lost some sound effects. Especially when I'm in card view and I close out the card. It used to swipe but now it doesn't make that swipe noise. Can anyone try to assist me on this issue... Weird.

    2. I bought my first case. It's a Rocketfish case from best buy. I'm actually liking it so far. Should I do a video review? would a video review benefit anyone instead of me just talking about it. Is anyone shopping around for a case for their pre. It protects the entire phone nicely, except for the screen. obviously.

    Get back at me on the swiping sound effects please.
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    Sounds effects come and go like that's,wait for a fix. Please take pics of your case, thay be good for ME. Maybe posted in the accessory forum.
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    Ok, so the sound effects and all that can be fixed in an update??? If not I might take the phone back within a week or two. Just to be on the safe side and have all that fixed before my 30 days are up!

    After work I'll do a quick video review on the case.
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