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    I rub mine on my shirt a lot to clean it off. Also, when my Pre (or any phone/electronic device) is in my pocket, I constantly hold my hand over it on the outside, to prevent theft, etc., as well as rub it around some in my pocket. When I remove it, it looks great, no finger prints at all.
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    I bought the small, 2 oz. container and small polishing cloth. The cloth may be microfiber, but it has Klear Screen's branding on it, so I am not certain about its composition.

    I spray a squirt or two on the cloth, then polish the Pre about once per week. It seems to do the job quite well.

    The provider has a web site: (I am too new to the forum to post a link you could actually click on, so sorry, you will have to prepend the www and cut and paste their hostname and add com or type it yourself...)

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    Soft cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol.
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    Rub it on my clothig, which is usually cotton. Occasionally I spray plastic polish on a cotton cloth and clean the device. Plexus plastic polish works well for the phone and motorcycle fairings.
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