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    Quote Originally Posted by froggersloth View Post
    This but extra fine so it doesn't scratch the screen.
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    Brillo pad. The soap embedded in the steel wool works GREAT for getting off fingerprints. I was even able to make that stuck pixel turn off with enough rubbing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffsaha View Post
    i have a phantom skinz which could be cleaned with anything since it wont really scratch it...but i still do hit it with the microfiber once in a while just to admire the shine
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    Quote Originally Posted by emikey View Post

    srsly whats the fun in owning a phone and worrying about it all the time.
    I kind of follow this philosophy. It's kind of like the plastic on furniture theory.

    I keep my pre clean and I do the basic things like not putting it in my pocket along with a set of keys or pocket change. But when it comes to taking major steps to make sure the phone remains 100% perfect for 2 years I don't go that far. You do have to use and enjoy the device afterall.
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    I previously posted that i purchased and applied an IS on the Pre. I want to follow up here and say, Skin It and be Happy...Pocket with Keys or whatever, Buff it on your jeans (works great), you wont go without one again...IMHO...
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    microfiber... does the job
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    Quote Originally Posted by MalReynolds View Post
    So you guys paid 200 bucks for a first generation device with reports all over about scratched screens and broken sliders and you're just using your pants to clean it? Clearly we're the ones who are nuts.
    Lighten up.

    I don't recall anyone saying their phone got scratched up or the slider flew into pieces because they carried it around in their pocket. Most of what I saw regarding scratched screens were predictions in the context of comparison to the glass screen on the iPhone. And I don't recall ANY reports of "broken" sliders.

    I've carried my last two smartphones in my front pocket and cleaned their screens with my pant leg, and somehow they survived years of use. Not going to change that now. YMMV.
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    i use the cloth case that came with the phone................a few wipes up and down and PRESTO!!!!!!!!!CLEAN & LEAN.
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    ........... i use anything... my shirt, napkin, etc... anything around..

    ........... it's a dayum phone, not a newborn

    ........... wtf?!?
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    I'd like to jump on the microfiber bandwagon. I had one in my camera bag - threw it in the washing machine to make sure there was no dust on it and keep it in its plastic sleeve. I also bought some Lens Cleaner (for glasses) at Walgreens. Good call leftyman. Spray a little bit on the cloth, then wipe off all the day's smudges on my Pre. Works like a charm

    I've conditioned myself to clean my Pre only once a day (in the evening when I get home), so I don't accidentally wreck it with a shirt or something during the day that might scratch it.
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    I use windex
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    i used armorall and it worked fine. make sure you buff it really good though
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixproff View Post
    I use a microfiber cloth dry. It works great.
    What this guy said.
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    Dry Microfiber cloth. Wet it in warm water once a week.

    It seriously takes out EVERYTHING (well, except scratches).
    Sometimes I think I have scratches and after a good 10 seconds of rubbing, the microfiber cloth takes out anything stuck on the screen.

    I use the microfiber cloth for my desktop monitor and I'm going to use it for my laptop once it arrives (since a lot of laptops are fingerprint magnets).
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    Quote Originally Posted by CDUBB007 View Post
    I had an cleaner that came with a pouch, a wiping utinsil, and obviously the spray, left it in my car, and my car was stolen, so I have to buy some more, it worked great, I think it was called iKlenz or iklean or something familiar
    The repercussions of using spray cleaner...
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    phantom skinz so any clothing lying around. The skins make it less of a finger print magnet as a bonus feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackmagic01 View Post
    how about your shirt?
    +1 It's always right there, never need to go looking! LoL
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    I use the microfiber pouch that it came with for throughout-the-day cleanups of oil smudges and dust, but to fully clean all the oil off (it builds up quickly) I use the LensPen DigiClear for the screen and the LensPen Cell-Klear for the camera lens (it is the perfect size). (I'm a photographer so also use LensPens for my DSLR and lenses as well as my computer screen & keyboard.)
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    I use my Gibson guitar polish and a micro fiber cloth that I also use for my guitar. It works great, I make sure not to get it get into the speaker or mic holes. It shines like a dime on a goats *** afterward
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    The previous poster mentioning the ear speaker hole reminded me - the LensPen DigiClear brush works perfectly for getting dust out of the ear speaker hole, which is great. It'll also clean the dust from around the keyboard keys with ease.
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