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    I would exange it, 10 times if I had to.... I do not settle for busted parts when i spend hundreds. Not to mention, you want to show it off to people, it being busted, makes it harder.
    What would you do when the Store people say it has to go through Insurance because it is a Physical Damage problem and I have to pay $100?
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    Update: Well, I did get a fifth. After checking the phone out they gave me another one. Believe or not there was more problems with the phone than the wobbly slider and 2 dead pixels. All of a sudden I couldn't make phone calls. I could do it with bluetooth and speaker phone, but I wasn't hearing anything though the headset at all. To be honest, I always use bluetooth or speaker, so I didn't really check that it was working, since I only got this 4th one last week.

    The 5th one, knock on wood, seems to be the best one I have had. No real problems at all. Now I can just start enjoying the phone and learn all the little details.
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    I had the earpiece-not-working issue happen twice on my current one. I'm going to exchange it for #4, but I think that will be my last try. I really like this phone, but I NEED something that is reliable (and I'll go back to BlackBerry).
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