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    Quote Originally Posted by edlex View Post

    Funny thing is alerts come through bluetooth headset but ringers don't.
    I wish the same thing could be said for the headphone jack. I was listening to some music the other day when I got a call. The ringer nearly shattered my eardrums!
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    It comes across and is very loud. I like that it does not wait until the end of the call but it should have the option of tone and a lower volume or vibrate. I still like to tone as it can give a good reason the get off the call.

    It happened during a call with my brother this AM. Was interesting that he had not heard of the PRE and when I explained where the tone had come from. He started going off on his IPhone and all the troubles he has had with it. It was somewhat funny to hear. And no I'm not bashing Apple.
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    Palm needs to be fixing this ASAFP.

    If someone had a loud enough alert tone on their phone, they could prob do some damage to their ear.
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    So does putting the ringer switch to vibrate fix this for folks or not (I don't have a pre just yet)?
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    This is a serious problem that should have been discovered during beta testing.
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    People are funny - like this whole thread.

    All treos did this. 3rd party apps were the solution. I actually don't mind it at all. Palm will not fix this issue since it's not an issue for some if not most. But someone will folks. Just be patient.
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    Can you turn off the sound of dialing somewhere? it's quite loud..
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