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    Hey All,

    I really need some advice, was hoping some of you could possibly help me out here. Basically I bought a Pre on launch day (June 6th). It was working great until a few days ago. Now there has been some internal scratches/discoloration and the keyboard completely failed. I tried rebooting / removing the battery.. all of that with no luck. I had my name put on the waiting list for a few stores to exchange my Pre when they get new shipments in. The problem is none of these stores seem to be getting shipments in. I've called roughly 6 stores the past 3 days and no one is getting shipments. I feel like by the time I do get my 2nd pre my 30 day period will be up. What if my second pre fails on me as well? Does this mean I'm stuck with it or have to go through the entire Sprint insurance claim?
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    If you have your name on a list the 30day period is not in affect. Also if you have sprint insurance and it is a manufacturer defect then you still take it to the store. The only time you have to go through asurin is if the phone is lost, stolen, or water damaged. The store will replace it for any other reason.

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