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    So I switched from a Treo 700wx (also sprint) to the pre. I take the NJ transit northeast corridor line from Princeton to Penn Station everyday and noticed a few observations about web access. One of the great things about my treo was that I had internet access the entire way, including in the Hudson tunnel and within Penn Station (though often I would be roaming at the time). I assumed this was a cdma thing as my work blackberries (my first with t-mobile, my current with ATT have terrible internet reception). I now have the same issue with the pre. It's not a huge issue, but it just means that during the 10 minutes or so creeping in and out of penn station, I can't stream pandora or orb, or read a webpage. Reception along the rest of my route feels a little spottier, but not that different than with my treo (which is good). Not the end of the world, but disappointing nonetheless. Anyone have similar experiences?
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    Make sure data roaming is enabled on your pre. You should be roaming on verizon in the hudson river tunnels into penn.
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    To enable data roaming go into the dialer and choose preferences and find the option that says "Data Roaming." Data roaming is free in all the plans that are Pre-compatible, so there's no down side to enabling it.
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    Thanks. I feel a little silly. I couldn't find any settings for data roaming, but a few searches clued me in (I wouldn't have thought it was in "phone preferences" when the wifi and bluetooth preferences could be set by tapping the connections in the upper right corner)
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    Please give us an update when you can. Is the performance now comparable to the Treo?

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