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    Is everyone Pre's working to their satisfaction? Mine was doing OK for a while despite some issues. Like blotches on the bottom of the screen. Problems with phone app being slow when I'm trying to answer the phone. But lately I have one major problem that might have to be taken care of. I'm really torn right now whether I should return the Pre and get another phone or just wait it out a bit more and stick with the Pre. I don't even know what phone I would get if I were to get a different one. I would definitely have to stick with Sprint though because my work pays for it.

    My pre shuts down for no reason. I can duplicate the problem sometimes, but not other times. When I'm closing the phone, or opening the phone, it shuts off. I hate it when I open up to use the phone and it has been off. There's no telling what I missed. And the worst part is waiting for it to turn on when you need to call someone. This problem has become more frequent. I sometimes turn on the screen once in a while to just to make sure my phone is still on. I shouldn't have to worry about that.

    Another problem that I'm seeing is that it won't charge, I can have it plugged in for hours and it would stay at 50-60 percent. And sometimes it would get real hot. I would have to unplug and plug it back in before it starts charging. Currently it seems a lot cooler in temperature when not charging and the blotches at the bottom seem to have decreased but the shutdown problem is a a major one.
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    Your phone is not operating as it was designed. My advice would be to take it back to the store and have it replaced.
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    First of all, the problem you're seeing with the Pre shutting off is a known issue on some phones.

    The second is concerning. I'd just exchange this for a new one and then decide what to do. It's a great phone which needs some time to get to its full potential.
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    If you do decide to return it good luck. I had to return my wifes Pre and was put on a waiting list over 50 people long!

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    As was pointed out earlier, the phone shutdown when opening/closing the slider is a known issue. The quick fix is to wedge paper between the battery and the battery compartment as the issue seems to be that the battery is slightly small. However, I'd get a replacement for that reason alone (never mind not being able to charge it )

    I had to replace mine for similar reasons. I went to the store to get on their list, then I called Sprint Customer service and they were great ! They called around to local stores and got me a replacement within a day.
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