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    Buy a cheap used phone off ebay if you want something temporary. But you'd better check with Sprint about getting a discount on another phone in a few months. I wouldn't assume that's going to happen even if you do return the Pre.
    If he returns his phone withing the 30 days he will still be eligible for an upgrade.

    He just needs to make sure that his eligibility is reset when he returns the phone.
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    I'd say the next best Sprint phone is the Touch Pro but with the caveat that the stock Sprint ROM is a little slow so I would recommend hitting up PPCGeeks and flashing something that has been tweaked for speed and stability. I actually miss a few features from my Touch Pro but I don't feel like going back. I have one already flashed to a good ROM and practically new if you are interested. PM me and make an offer. It's just sitting on my desk now.
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    Blackberry Tour
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    for the features the OP is looking for the Treo Pro is definitely the way to go. it has the wifi, rev a, GPS, 3.5 jack, tethering ability and zillions of apps at its disposal.

    if i remember correctly, nobody has made custom roms for it yet so you are stuck with winmo 6.1 for the time being though.

    there are loads of browsers that will run on it, when i had a winmo phone i must have tried a dozen but opera mini was the quickest (no flash support though).

    the months leading up to the pre i was really torn between waiting for the pre and just getting the treo pro. i does a lot of what i (and the OP) was looking for at the time.

    oh and in a head to head battery shootout against the touch pro, the treo pro would win hands down.

    just my thoughts.

    and another thing, those who don't like the browser on blackberries should download opera mini for it. makes a world of difference.
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    [QUOTE=oddlou;1711950]For what you want, it's going to have to be either the HTC TP or the Treo Pro. Blackberries don't have threaded text messaging and no MMS with Sprint. The browsing on blackberries is pretty crappy, IMO, and with the availability of browsers for Winmo, you're bound to find one you like. There are tons and tons of apps available for Windows mobile.

    blackberry DOES have MMS, i had the curve before the pre, and i could send them.
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    As a former Touch Pro user, the Pre is a lot more fun and easier to use. Yes, I had to give up a lot of the apps I had, like SlingPlayer, but it was worth it. WebOS isn't nearly as mature as WinMo but has a lot of potential. I didn't like the proprietary headphone jack on the Touch Pro and I don't know if I can go back to a resistive screen.

    If you feel that you can hack or run some of the customizers for WinMo and live with the wonky multitasking, the Touch Pro (or the Treo Pro for that matter) will probably be the next best thing on Sprint. I might give the Treo Pro a whirl if I were you though I'd buy it used. for
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    I went from the Treo Pro to the BB 8330 and don't regret it a bit. The camera flash is excellent, it gives great pics for a 2mp camera. It also does video/w a light. If you get the same plan as you would with the Pre, you get the Sprint Navigation package. It also supports MMS. I was not happy with the Pro due to it's not receiving calls, and other software glitches. I see that Sprint now has a Windows based HTC phone now that looks like the Pro, just noticed it on their website yesterday. Going to the Blackberry platform took some getting used to, but now I really like it, especially the trackball feature.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrolesen View Post
    So I flip flop every day on whether I'm keeping my Pre or not. There's so many great things about it, but then again, there's so many horrible things as well.

    Tonight I'm feeling like switching. I really want Sprint as my network because of their Simply Everything plan.

    I guess my options are the HTC Touch Pro, Palm Treo Pro, HTC Snap(??), Blackberry 8830, or Samsung Ace.

    Here's what I'm missing on the Pre:
    • A navigator that can avoid Toll Roads (I know Sprint's BB Pearl can).
    • Bluetooth file transfer.
    • Office doc editing (included free w/ phone).
    • memory card slot (not that important, but still).
    • Robust app availablility.
    • Tethering.
    • Video recording.
    • Voice Dialing.

    Here's what I don't want to give up on the Pre:
    • 3.5mm jack use while charging.
    • Pandora.
    • Google Maps.
    • Camera flash.
    • Decent photos.
    • Physical keyboard.
    • Threaded text messaging.
    • Usable web browser.
    • EVDO rev A.
    • WiFi
    • MMS

    What can I do now?

    Alternatively, does anyone have an idea of how I could keep my phone number and wait for the Blackberry Tour to come out without wasting too much cash (ie get a cheap phone w/ no contract to hold me over)?

    Thanks for your help, this is a very selfish thread.

    *edit*added voice command and mms to the lists.
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    Had a Touch Pro before my Pre and it was a decent phone besides some slowdown in WinMo 6.1.

    The keyboard is great and you can also download the Skyfire browser for it which allows you to watch flash video and experience the "full" internet on it. I work out of my car alot and my job involves a lot of waiting, so i would stream full episodes of The Office using Skyfire.

    The screen is a bit small and like i said... WinMo isn't great. However, if you turn off TouchFlo 3D (HTC's UI skinned on top of WinMo) it does a lot for speed and gives you a better "Today" screen anyway.
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    Now that WP7 has webOS like multitasking...perhaps all of you Sprint users might be interested in the Arrive?
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    With the Arrive coming out it looks EXTREMELY interesting! I may just try it out for 2 years and see where WebOS is at then. If I could get WebOS on the Arrive OMG but WM7 and HTC together looks to be promising!

    That Netflix app sounds cool too! IDK, I will make a decision come end of March as to what I am really going to do tho.
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