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    Before the latest pandora update and v 1.03 of the pre os, when I would play tunes with pandora eventually the screen save would kick in obviously. Before the updates any time a new song would start pandora would awake the screen and show the new song info along the bottom in the message notification area then go back to sleep. I don't know when but it stopped behaving this way. Can someone confirm or comment?
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    It is working with the new song title in the notifications for me
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    While we're on pandora, has anyone noticed that you can't skip songs anymore from the notification anymore? Now you have to fully open the app if you want to hear the next item.
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    I've seen it do both today (not sure if I did before the update). I can't tell what's causing the difference in behavior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jade408 View Post
    It is working with the new song title in the notifications for me
    Is it working after your screen goes black? If so then I wonder what I can do to reset this.
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    Im listening right now and Im still getting notifications after my screen goes dark.

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