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    May Be its Just me Accuweather is not working ?

    please help.. its just loading
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    Works for me.
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    Mine was doing that about an hour ago. It would just sit in the grey screen and try to load. I just looked at it now and its working fine again.
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    Similar problem with mine.. When it does work, no radar!
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    Earlier today my accuweather did the same thing (gray). Now its working fine. I dunno.
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    Perhaps it's all that God stuff; mine is working now and Palm loves you.
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    Try closing the app, and then quickly re-open it. I've had good luck getting it going by just doing that.
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    I've had the spinning wheel problem, and also it stopped updating at 10:43am this morning. I restarted it around 5:00pm and it connected and updated again. Still buggy.
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    same thing happen here today, got a network error message a couple of times.
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    I'm seeing the same network error message. Deleted and reinstalled the app with no luck.
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    I have had that happen here and there. It usually just passes within a day or two. I am not really sure what it is. If it persists I would say to contact the developer.

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    Same prob with mine today. Worked fine every other day, today it decides to show weather from 2 weeks ago or not work at all. Weather Channel app still works fine.
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    Works for me but Accuweather data has never been very accurate. Sort of ironic. Lol
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    I get an error every so often.. just now it keeps giving me a "network connection error"
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    Took awhile to load data but working otherwise here.
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    Switch to Weather Channel? That's what I did. I like it a lot better.
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    If TWC had a paid app with no ads and a nicer interface I would switch in a minute.

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    Mine's not working either, so I uninstalled it. No big deal, I never use it. I simply created a bookmark/launcher icon for Weather Underground's quick forecast on my zipcode. That's a "web OS", the apps ARE the Internet.
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    I uninstall/reinstall and it works fine now
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    I have the free version and have not noticed any issues.

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