View Poll Results: Is it a bug that the Pre's GPS won't work without a network connection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    I would think it should being as airplane mode turns of the GPS capability.
    I don't think it does. If you turn airplane mode on and connect to a WiFi hotspot it still works, sorta.

    Being in Europe, I turned Airplane mode off and had the same results. The Pre definitely does not do anything with GPS, other than just spoof it's last known fix, without network access.

    My question is - CAN GPS chip in the Pre physically acquire satellites without the internet? It currently can not, but I don't know if that's software of hardware issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    No actually it doesn't. It gives you the last known fix. Trust me, I tried to make it work for 2 weeks in Europe.

    There are plenty of reasons to have GPS work whether you have network access or not. There are a lot of things you can do with just getting accurate coordinates. Spaz, for example, lets you insert your coordinates (Which won't work properly if all you have is a WiFi hotspot).

    Keep airplane mode ON, drive a couple miles, and do ##GPS# again - it will be the same coordinates.
    Ahh. Well then, your experience is much better than mine! That's a semi-shame then. Only current gripe about this phone then
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthiasII View Post
    Just saying, I thought it was established here that the Pre, both from the GPS chip's specs, and anecdotal evidence, does in fact have stand alone GPS functionality?
    I think you are right. I would love to get Palm to answer on this. I am opertaing on the belief that this is just a software issue.

    I hate to think that if TomTom or other GPS map providers look at WebOS to release on, that they simply can't.

    A lot of people like topomaps to hike with, and you won't have internet access to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    My phone seems to roam just fine on VW in the instances I'm not on the Sprint Network. And I have had no issues with GPS service. Sounds to me like you have a defective phone.

    Replace, enjoy.
    I'm on my second Pre and still the same issues that my other Palm phones have never had. This is a major problem with the Pre and MANY ANY people are reporting reception issues.
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    Most phones that tout GPS and navigation features actually have A-GPS, which needs network access to work properly. My Mogul has it, and chances are the Pre has it was well.

    Garmin's Nuviphone should have a dedicated, true GPS chip that can work without network access.
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