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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    It would be easy to eliminate the battery as the cause by trading batteries with your bro for a day or two.
    I'll ask him and see if he is willing to do this.
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    That sounds like the same rate of decline I had before I Turned off the USE GPS . Went from 6-8 hrs to 16-24+ hrs. of battery life Remember to turn GPS back on for Google directions or sprint navi. By the way Apps still work with USE GPS OFF . I bet your friend has his GPS off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alasvegas View Post
    That sounds like the same rate of decline I had before I Turned off the USE GPS . Went from 6-8 hrs to 16-24+ hrs. of battery life Remember to turn GPS back on for Google directions or sprint navi. By the way Apps still work with USE GPS OFF . I bet your friend has his GPS off.
    I'll check on the GPS thing and see if he has it on or off. I'll also make sure mine is off and test another day with it for sure being off. It doesn't turn off automatically when you are done. I wish it would do that or someone write an app to prompt you to turn it off when exiting an app that uses it. After all I'm prompted to turn it on when an app needs it, I'd love to also be prompted to turn it off or have it auto turn off when closing the app that it was turned on for. We are going to swap batteries most likely tomorrow and try a couple days out and see if there is a difference.
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    id like to see about the battery swap and find out if its battery or phone you should really do this and set them up with the same options for all our sake so we know who to call and what to tell sprint with the crappy battery issue, or if its the phone issue

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    I can attest to turning off gps and leaving wifi on. I also lowered the screen brightness to its kowest setting. I've gone all day now without a charge and am now at 32% at 10:50pm. I've used the phone a ton today as well. Hopefully u'll see similar results.
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    Lithium batteries preform better when charged more. Or in other words, the cycle between 100% to 50% is longer than 50% 0%. Do another comarison at the same charge level.
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    i am wondering if i have battery issues too... i've had my pre for about two to three weeks now and when i leave it unpluged overnight the batt went down from 95% to 20%... no emails came n g talk was off... i have an air raive now so i thought battery would last longer but in the past day or so it seems to drain even faster.... i hope its just a battery issue....
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    I'm hoping that Palm can start squeezing a little more battery life out of these phones soon. I had an original iPhone and it would last about a day & a half with pretty heavy usage. I lost 20% of my battery life overnight and I have full signal in my condo. I only received 5 emails and no IM clients turned on... not really sure why the serious drain.
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    Update with GPS off no battery swap yet. From 100% down to 75% with almost no use (no calls, a few txt msgs, and just a few minutes a few times of PIM type app use) 12 hour duration compared to the 8 hour with google talk off and 6 hours with google talk on. So I'm still draining 6 times faster. Total drain time for him for the last few days has been 1.5 days per charge (which includes 2 hours talk time on one charge and 1 hour of talk time on the other, each day like 50 txt msgs, and about the same misc app use as me). Compared to my charge at least once every 24 hours with almost no using it at all. We are going to swap batteries today and see if anything is different. Also will verify that settings are the same he says he leaves GPS on so I want to make sure to note where his settings are at and then set both ours at the same for the swap.
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    UPDATE: with batteries swapped:

    We each see the same battery drain with each others batteries as we did with our own. However in altering settings to be the same I set my emails to manual so that there was no activity with them so I see a bit of an increase. After 20 hours I was down to 10% left after normal days use. So I got maybe 2 hours more out of a charge. His lasted the same about 1.5 days (36 hours) between charges.

    Here are some more details that may help in figuring out if I'm seeing normal drain compared to his to see if perhaps there is anything more that can be figured out from it. My signal RSSI value ranges from -119 to -99 but typically stays right around -109. His ranges from -97to -95. My battery voltage when fully charged is just under 4100 mV and his is just under 3900 mV when fully charged. Would these two factors alone be enough to drain my battery about 1/3 faster?

    I've tried changing to 1x only as it has been posted in a number of places that reduces battery usage but nothing changed from the previous days using my bros battery in my pre. Other battery saving tips I believe I previously listed barely provided any gain. So with every possible change I'm aware of to get more out of the battery I at best get 24 hours between charges and my bro gets at best 36 hours between charges. If anyone has any ideas, feedback, recommendations etc I'd appreciate it.
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    Thanks for the update. But, I'd be tickled pink to be at 10% after 20 hours. I'm at 10% after about 9 hours--take it off charge at 7:00am, I'm getting the 20% warning around 3:00pm, would run out long before 5:00pm if I don't start charging. And I am NOT a heavy user by any means.

    So, where your discharge rate is about 5%/hour, mine's much closer to 10%/hour. Very, very interesting stuff...
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    Will sprint alow you to exchange the phone on terrible battery life alone? I'm getting 5-6hr range, just on standby before i'm in the 10% range left on battery.. Its either they exchange it or its going back.
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    terrible battery life is the reason i just exchanged mine. just picked it up so wont know if its any better for a few days.
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    With email turned off (I don't even have the account saved. I just use a launcher bookmark for Gmail. Obviously this doesn't work for everyone) and not logged into any IM networks or with any other programs open, I went from 100% to 85% using Sprint Nav constantly for about 30 minutes. Pretty respectable. I've had the phone for a week and a half so the battery's been broken in I think.
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    The thing that is odd is specific tasks don't seem to overly drain the battery. For example I can talk on the phone for an hour and before making the call predict how much it will drain based on the rating of the battery and see that amount of drain after the call. I can listen to music in pandora for hours if I want and it be the same thing more or less and it drop and expected amount. Note being on calls for an hour or listening to music in pandora for hours is rare use for me. It is during the idle time where battery drain is more than expected. We are swapping batteries back as I'm posting this. Perhaps some time soon I'll have gotten some info or something that will shed some light on why there is such a significant difference in drain between them especially after the test with everything set the same. I'm still wondering if the slight difference in signal and battery voltages could be mainly responsible or not.
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