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    Funny skit on AOTS. Jump to 2:24
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    The Pre does WORK
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    That was awesome! Seriously, it's great to see the Pre featured this way in asinine popular culture. If the Pre makes it into an SNL skit, we'll know our little guy has arrived.
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    HAHA I LOVE IT! ii
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    very funny
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    haahaa, attention *****
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    Fabulous..."says the guy that stood in line at the mall for 6 hours"

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    lmao that was pretty good
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    Awesome! Optimus Prime and Megatron agree on the Pre!
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    "I would ask you for your phone number, but that thing you have doesnt make calls!"

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    very funny...
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    lol, that's awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddlou View Post
    Fabulous..."says the guy that stood in line at the mall for 6 hours"

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    LOL!!!! Dishwashertron.
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    That is absolutely hilarious!!!! LOL

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