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    For those have exchanged or recently purchased new PRE, did you notice if the quality is better or if it has less issue (like battery, moving screen, heat issue, ..) ? TIA
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    Quote Originally Posted by j1huynh View Post
    For those have exchanged or recently purchased new PRE, did you notice if the quality is better or if it has less issue (like battery, moving screen, heat issue, ..) ? TIA
    I just got my second pre yesterday. I exchanged it because of the moving screen. My new one does the same thing. I guess they are made that way? Another guy online was changing his for the same reason and his new one also had the same wobbley slider issue. Ah well.
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    I am on my second Pre because of the wobbly screen issue. I was given a new one and the screen does not wobble at all. My old one had a perfect screen, but this one has one dead pixel... I'm okay with it, though, because you can only see it on an all-black screen when you really, seriously look for it so I will live with that.
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    pre #2. less wobble (way less than 1mm). perfect screen (#1 had a great screen too)
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    I receive my second one today 6/25 and it's perfect (got it from Palm).

    I'm guessing (just a hunch) the newer batches will be better.
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    Does that mean you kept your old battery, and got another one with the replacement?
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    Sneaky, sneaky......sneaky, sneakers, shoes
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    The guy at Sprint gave me their only replacement and said I could keep my first battery (that shuts my phone down when closing the slider). So, I now have a spare... but I'm not actively keeping it charged up or anything. I'm tempted to maybe get that stand alone battery charger... that looks kind of cool.
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    Did the guy at the sprint store say the OLD BATTERY was the FAULT of your phone shutting down? My phone would shut down when I closed the slider too. I took it back and got a new phone but did not keep my OLD battery b/c I was worried this may have been part of the cause.
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    Just exchanged today. They would not let me keep mine. I did get to keep everything else so got a spare USB cable etc...
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    when i exchanged mine, i swapped the battery with the old once since it was fully charged, and i wanted to play.
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    i am about to do this with the insurance...
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    Already had to exchange my Pre two times. Did not get to keep anything either time.
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    i had a problem with my pre running very hot and not always charging when i went to a sprint service center i thought they were going to swap out the pre. They ran some tests and told me i had a faulty battery they replaced it and it has been fine since.

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    asurion TELLS you to keep your battery as its not safe to put batteries in the mail....
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    When you exchanged your pre did they just swap it out, or did they make you pay the 50-100 TEP fee( specifically asking those with cracked srcreens, mine has a crack forming by the sync port)
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    I had my Pre right at 3 weeks when a bubble formed under the screen at the lower right corner. I took it in yesterday and they took a look at it, and exchanged it without any hassle whatsoever. I was told by the sprint rep on the phone that in the 30 day period they have to exchange it as long as the phone wasn't damaged due to abuse.
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    Heres the question I have, concerning backups, what exactly is backed up? Is it all the data or emails, contacts, etc?
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    Emails are not backed up. Email settings are however. Assuming you are using IMAP, they will download again no prob. Things that you drop onto phone via USB mode or if you download music, take photos etc those will not be saved
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