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  • From the wall

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    7 20.59%
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    A couple quick question for the electrical engineers out there:

    I've heard that rapidly charging a battery will degrade its long term life. I know that more expensive battery chargers rapidly charge most of the battery, then very slowly finish it off as the battery reaches capactiy (i.e. to get to 80% will take an hour, the remaining 20% could take 3 hours).

    Is this true of the Pre's battery?

    I've also noticed that charging from a computer's USB port is slower than charging from the wall. If charging slowly is healthier for the battery, is it better to regularly charge from the computer or the wall?

    Finally, I've been told to never charge a battery until it is almost completely spent (i.e. don't plug a phone in to charge if the battery is at 80%; wait until it drops to around 20% or so). Is this true and is it pertinent on the Pre?

    - Brett
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    Hi Brett,

    Some of the information you've been told is not accurate anymore since the proliferation of Li-On batteries. Read this article on Lithium-ion batteries, specifically regarding charging procedure and memory effect.
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    Keep the battery charged as much as possible. Don't let it drain completely, that is bad for Li-Ion batteries. The slow down while charging is not that the charger slows down, but the fact that the voltage difference between the battery and the charger is less, therefore it draws less current, making it charge slower.
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    where is the option for BOTH in this poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djdisturbed View Post
    where is the option for BOTH in this poll.
    The point is to pick the one you use most often...


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