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    Dave Matthews
    No Use for a Name
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbkat View Post
    Try Dr. Dre & Snoop. I heard two Tupac songs the other day
    haha. I get a lot of snoop and dre on Tupac. Go figure.
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    So far just Hall and Oates Radio. Artist - Hall and Oates (of course) The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Forigner and etc.
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    white snake
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    i've had my pre since day 1, but i never knew how great pandora is until about a week ago. since then all i listen to is a quickmix all of these stations:

    Wu-Tang Clan Radio
    DMX Radio
    Method Man Radio
    RZA Radio
    Ghostface Killah Radio
    The Lox Radio
    Jay-Z Radio
    The Notorious B.I.G. Radio
    2Pac (Tupac) Radio
    Papoose Radio
    Busta Rhymes Radio
    Eminem Radio
    Immortal Technique Radio
    Big Pun Radio
    Big L Radio
    Nas Radio
    Canibus Radio
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    pandora is nice but the xxx xxxx NOTIFICATIONS GOTTA GO LIKE NOW!!!
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    I've been listening to Pandora for quite a while at work and at home on my ps3 - so I love this app.

    One thing no one has mentioned is that you can "build" your own station by taking a channel you want and adding more "seed" bands. You can even name it. Also, when you give thumbs up or thumbs down on bands they'll play more or less, respectively. IIRC, you will never hear an artist more than 4 times in 3 hours.

    I recall adding Flaming Lips to a station I had built - only to find out you get a lot of Beatlesish goo. Had to delete them, even though I like.

    Also, it is kind of fun to search for stations that other users have built. You can't customize them but I've found a few I like.

    You might want to check out the FAQ for an explanation of how Pandora/Music Genome Project works. It's pretty cool.
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    My Life with the Pre.
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    Nice lists everyone!

    Mos Def
    My Life
    lil Wayne
    Jack Johnson
    Live & Acoustic
    Juno Soundtrack
    Brett Dennen
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    DJ Irene
    Ras Kass
    Ice Cube
    Snoop Dogg
    Dr. Dre
    The Game
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    Of course this changes constantly, but here's what I've got now:

    Artist Stations:
    The Prodigy
    Lily Allen

    Song Stations:
    Rising Down (the roots)
    Jigsaw Falling Into Place (radiohead)
    Memphis & 53rd (minus the bear)
    The Noise Of Carpet (stereolab)
    The Girl And The Robot (royksopp)

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    I have my own Rock, Trance, and Jazz stations. Custom Pandora Awesomeness FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddlou View Post
    For the gym, I have Tupac, David Banner, and Kanye West. It's kinda funny on the Tupac Radio, with all his songs, I didn't hear a single song by him through an entire hour long session on the eliptical.
    I've had that happen on a few channels.....gotta have the tupac!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddlou View Post
    haha. I get a lot of snoop and dre on Tupac. Go figure.
    It's a Death Row thing
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    great lists! gonna have to add a few to my stations.
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    -Job for a Cowboy
    -Styles of Beyond
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    Twisted Sister
    Beastie Boys
    Daft Punk
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    Michael Jackson
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    Billie Holiday
    Johannes Brahms
    Luciana Souza
    Steve Reich
    Tracy Chapman

    yes, I am an old lady.
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