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    Right now the thing i'm digging the most is the browser speed. Someone in line ahead of me at a grocery store asked a question about vidalia onions and sweet onions. In less than 20 seconds I had the answer from the Info app and Wikipedia.......Ahhh how i love this phone! I test drove the Pro and had the centro for a few years...this little pebble smokes them!
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    I hate to be a marketing tool, but I just like the overall gestalt of the thing. Once you get used to the gestures and how the Pre works, it becomes so second nature to do something. I've never owned a mobile device before where everything was so accessible and smooth--even given the performance problems I've been having lately.
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    webOS and the multitasking!!!
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    browser and UI...I love the UI and OS
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    But I have to agree with you - the internet just blazes!! whether you're using wifi or evdo....smoking!!
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    Comparing with my last phone, the Instinct, here's what I appreciate most about the phone, in order:
    1. Multi-tasking. Makes the unit incredibly efficient and allows me to be more productive.
    2. Wifi
    3. Great screen, which makes photos and videos look fantastic.
    4. Physical Keyboard.
    5. Synergy. I had contacts and calendar before, and this is a great improvement.
    6. Cool ways to do things--gestures, swipes, all that stuff. Like a lot of people have said, when I pick up another unit, I keep trying to move around on the screen like I do on the Pre. Then I remember. My son needed me to do something on his Instinct, and in only a few weeks, I have gotten so used to my Pre that the Instinct seems like ancient history.

    Lots of other things, but these are first to come to mind. And sure, there are things that I would change or improve, but that is for another thread. The point is, no phone is going to be 100 percent perfect, iPhone included, and you have to get the phone that works best for you, given what you need to do on it, costs involved, level of coverage in your area, and your personal preferences as to styling. I have played on the iPhone, and it is a great unit, but for me, the Pre is a better device all around.
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    Multitasking, and the ability to bring up multiple cards. Just yesterday I was email a friend pictures of my son, then I remembered there was a web link that had more pictures. After uploading the photos saved on my phone, I couldnt remember the url, but remembered I texted it to my sister when to the text copied and pasted the url. All while doing this I was marveled and thought there is no way I could have done this on any other device other than a laptop or desktop.

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