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    I don't even know what a dead pixel looks like, so when I tried to check it for dead pixels, as was like "Well, there must not be any..."

    Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I could have 3 and not even know...but I'm happy.
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    How can I tell the difference btwn dead pixels and a glitch on the screen?

    my pre has a very slim vertical 1cm long line on the screen that is fairly obvious.
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    Bought mine on launch day and have no screen problems. The only problem I ever had was the screen wobble issue. I fixed this with my tutorial. (In my signature)
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    - John Wayne
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    I have none. Thankfully.
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    No issues here...screen is perfect.
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    Mine has a section where the pixels work but are "faded". Exactly above the USB port I have a section of screen the height of the USB and maybe an 1/4 of an inch wide where the pixels are essentially a pale white. Hard to see most of the time but when I ran a video, it was clearly visible (especially in landscape mode) in any scenes where that section was to be dark.

    Using calendar, it is visible and more so when you bring up the tab (to get to edit) as doing that darkens the screen enough to be the perfect contrast to make this patch of the screen stand out.

    Took it to a corporate Sprint store and once I showed them the screen in calendar mode, they agreed and said I'll get a new one as a replacement when the next shipment comes in.

    Their advice to me was to always take things back while in the 1st 30 days because waiting may mean you end up with refurbished.
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    No dead pixels other issues either besides the bugs..
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    Quote Originally Posted by devexpert View Post
    With time for replacement running out, I bought on launch day, I was wondering whether it is worth trying to replace my phones.

    Does anyone have Pre without any stuck, dead pixels?

    I have 2 Pre-s (white/yellow packaging) and both have 7 dead and stuck pixels. Otherwise they work OK. I'd like to get unit that actually does not have any but if my likelihood of actually getting one is not good I'd rather save me trouble.

    i dont have any!! my pre was perfect since i got it on launch day
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    No dead pixels for me.
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    Initial phone had 8 stuck pixels.

    2nd phone has 2, but to be perfectly honest, the ONLY time I ever would know they are there is on the bootup screen, so it really makes NO difference.

    The phone is good otherwise so I'm happy as is.
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    I too purchased my on launch day. I have yet to come across any dead pixels on mine. I guess I might be lucky because I have not had any issues with mine that other people are reporting (Knock on wood!!! LOL)
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    Launch day Pre, no screen protector, all pixels doing just fine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmogren View Post
    Launch day pre... perfect.
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    No issues here
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    NO dead pixels here but now I noticed a yellowish heat marks on the screen bottom two sides. I'm within my 30 day and I'm thinking about replacing with another one. I'm scared since the majority of replacements come with more issues than yellowish heat marks. Also everything else on the phone works but I will feel like an ***** if I pay $200 for a phone and the heat marks get bigger with time (that's the case now). Any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bitmage View Post
    Launch day Pre here - no dead or stuck pixels.
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    No problems with my pre. 0 replacements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I got mine on June 6. It still had version 1.01 on it. No dead pixels.
    +1 .... mine is flawless, perhaps your regional area has problems...
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    Got mine last Saturday (6/20). Flawless so far. *knocks wood*
    warranty date code 06/09/2009
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    Flawless currently with no scratches thanks to the Palm Pre hard leather case. I did have a friend that drop kicked hers on accident and not a single screen scratch but there are plenty on the corners.
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