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    Bought mine on June 7 in white box.

    Even after I dropped it, trying to coax it out of the upgraded holster they sold me, onto the rough broken edge or gnarly pavement - it remains flawless.
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    Launch day pre. One week without screen protection, now two weeks with. Zero dead pixels, no hardware problems at all.
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    No issues here, purchased 6/11. I use the screen protector that was on the phone when i bought it, just cut off the tab on top.
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    Perfect Pre here
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    Original Pre since 06/06/09 and it's perfect.
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    launch day pre, and mine is perfect
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    launch day pre and no pixel issues.
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    another launch day pre.... flawless
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    got mine 3 days after launch in yellow box with 1.0.2 pre loaded and no stuck/dead Pixels here
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    Got mine on launch day. No screen protector and no dead or stuck pixels.
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    My pixels are perfect.
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    Lauch-day Pre with no screen protector and I have no dead pixels.

    BTW, why isnt there a poll?
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    I have had mine since launch and have no dead pixels.

    Posted from my Pre...
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    The interactive tests in the phone has a screen test to check for pixel problems, it roates through five different colored screens. I don't know if the iphone app for stuck pixels works or not but here is the link:

    iphone stuck pixel fix by knox
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devexpert View Post
    Does anyone have Pre without any stuck, dead pixels?
    Mine has no stuck/dead pixels.
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    Bought mine on launch day no dead/stuck pixels or other issues besides slider crashing, but I fixed that.
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    Got mine on Day 1 - no stuck or dead pixels...
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    I got my pre on lauch day and about a week ago I noticed a centimeter long vertical line of dead/stuck pixels. Its slightly noticeable and I've been thinking of returing the phone but if thats the only problem with the device I might be better of keeping it seeing that many people have the same problem.

    Wonder what I should do.
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    Got mine on day 1 at 8:45 AM and thus far no dead pixels, no discoloration, on the Touchstone almost every night. I also only have the brightness set to about 30% or maybe less on the slider. It's still plenty bright for me. No protection either!
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    purchased two on launchday and neither one have dead pixels

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