Apple has a juggernaught of companies like TechCrunch, Medialets, Gizmodo etc that pump out pro Iphone news.

This news is then picked up by the mainstream news media and is then pushed out across the airwaves to the "fat middle".

Apple makes some minor changes and it get's pushed as some next great leap in innovation. Their recent macbook campaign of it being the most eco friendly laptop was deried by most expterts but no one really heard their voices - they were drowned out by the Apple shills.

Palm is a company of 1000 people with limited resources. There are many on these forums and elsewhere who would like to help develop their product. Look at those who have already rooted their Pre and are looking into its full capabilities. Palm needs to engage with these people because it will never win this battle on their own.

However if you know anything about business most execs tend to be control freaks and don't allow dissent - (thankfully Colligan has left) I don't know how Rubenstein is but I do hope he is more engaging.