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    Thanks to member Jason Robitaille, my suspicions about a connection between visiting precentral's mobile site first and then going to the NY Times mobile site were confirmed. There were times when I was getting a larger than the usual (too small) font size on the NYT mobile site, making it pleasantly readable without side to side scrolling.

    Jason theorized that the browser was remembering the zoom scale of the previous page, and by trial and error I discovered an easily repeatable method.

    Go to on your Pre. When it loads, tilt to landscape mode (must do) and back to portrait, then select bookmarks and choose your NYT bookmark, or just type in The New York Times and hit return.

    You can now read the NY Times in a much larger font without scrolling side to side. If you start a new card when going to NY Times it won't work, so choose your bookmark or type in address.

    I now think reading the NY Times on the Pre, in landscape mode using the page down gesture, is a real pleasure.
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    Wow...I hope Palm fixes this. I have noticed mobile websites links rendering way too small in portrait when the main page is fine ( was one)
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    "It doesn't matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don't read anymore..."

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    This trick also works for Newsweek. That's

    Please post any other sites you may find where it works.
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    Works for too.
    Maybe any site optimized for the iPhone, but I am not certain.

    Another cool thing I just discovered is that once you have visited precentral's mobile site and followed the instructions, you can go from say Time to Newsweek, and then NYT's, and the large font size will remain. No need to turn to landscape and back at each site, although I prefer reading in that mode.

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    Works for Not as nice as NY Times, but much larger than the normal mobile site, which I can't read on the Pre.

    NCTreo600 I really don't know how this stuff works but I don't think it is something Palm can fix. It is the mobile site I think. Anyone want to comment that knows?

    I'm glad to see it works nicely for
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    Works for It's not quite as nice as the Pro-only mobile site, but at least I don't have to zoom a whole lot to make it usable.
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    It has been noted my forum member timmo that has the same enlarging effect on other sites as the mobile precentral site. Same directions as in my original post must be followed.

    Thanks to Shogobunky for posting about It is a great starting point for groovy news reading on the Pre.

    Sites that work on both include: is not affected, but is pretty readable on the Pre anyway.
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