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    Just what the title says, does anyone out there know if the pre has data roaming? I am pretty sure I have seen this option somewhere on the phone before, but I can not find it anymore. I used the GPS to get somewhere to work and needed it to find my way back but was roaming then and could not access the data services. I called Sprint and asked about being charged while using the data roaming and the CS rep said no, I will not be charged while on data roaming and he put a note in my file saying so. However, I can not find how to turn it (data roaming) on anymore. Please someone help.

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    yes it does, but the default is turned off, go into your phone preferences and turn it on.
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    Ah ha, that's where it was hiding. Thanks a bunch!
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    anyone know if everything data covers data roaming?
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    Ya I believe it does but roaming data is limited to 1x
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    Covered unless you are in Canada. Then it's $$.
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    yeah ive had the everything data since my centro and it covers all roaming (data/talk time). you just roam in 1x turtle speed like others have said here

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