So in preparation of going to the new Transformers movie, I searched the Amazon MP3 store for the new Linkin Park song "New Divide" and after finding it bought it right away (eventhough I only heard parts of it in the trailer to the movie)....totally love it by the way. So anyhow, I was wondering how I am going to tell itunes about this song since it's located in a different folder. iTunes didn't find it, so I figured, I't tell it to look in the Amazon folder on the Pre from now on, but iTunes just said "no matches found".... wtf? So I tried to add the file manually, and that worked. So...what am I missing here, do I really have to add each file I buy on the Pre manually to iTunes?

Did I mention it's an awesome song? lol... even if the movie sucks, and eventhough it is gonna cost me more than 30 bucks to see that movie (including date, plus gas), hearing that song in a IMAX theater ought to make up for it!

Thanks for the help!