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    When I synched Itunes, I didn't want all my music (5.8G) on the Pre, but it is. It's not a problem at the moment. I have .7G free. However, as apps become available, I'll want to take some music off so I'll have more capacity for apps.

    Thanks for your help
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    I also used iTunes to sync my music, but I have way more than the 8GB (7, really) of space than the Pre allows, not to mention whatever else I may have on their in the form of apps and photos.

    What I did was make a playlist and put only the songs I wanted on the phone in it (in reality I just added my entire playlist and erased the songs I didn't want...) Under the 'Music' tab in the iPod (Pre) settings, it gives you a choice of selecting what's gonna sync. Tell it to exclusively sync the playlist you just made.

    For me it seemed like an easy enough method to keep control of what's on my phone. It'll go kaput once Apple makes iTunes not recognize the Pre, but oh, well. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks. If I make a playlist and then resynch the playlist, do you think it will eliminate all of the music that's now on the Pre, but not on the new playlist?
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    what he said. it's exactly how I have handle music on my ipods since i've owned one (dating back to the 3G ipod, heh)
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    i think i have a different problem. looks like my pre synched with windows media player, and all those free sample songs that come with wmp are now on my pre. i don't want them. i don't see a way to delete from the phone, and they are not there in usb mode. help me.

    edit: disregard. i synched w/ itunes and it let me delete them, re-synched...all set.
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    Is there a solution to this problem? I cannot see the songs in USB mode also. Help.

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