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    I'm pretty sure I've noted before in using the Pre (and in watching the video demos) that one of the UI issues with WebOS, especially as it often takes a while for apps to start, is that, until the new card comes sliding up, there's pretty much no visual change once you successfully click on an icon in the launcher.

    Just today, I realized that, now, when I successfully click on an icon in the launcher, the icon gets a white glow animation that radiates from behind the icon.

    Not a huge feature, but a very good little UI touch that I think helps tons in making the UI work with (as in, "um, I *did* click the icon...right?").

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    I noticed this in 1.0.2. So I think you just caught on. But yeah its handy
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    ooh, nice. I'd actually just got mine on Sunday, after the update was available...and I updated from...1.0.2 within hours of getting it.

    I guess I'd only noted that it was missing from the 1.0.1 videos, then didn't noticed it on mine 'til after I updated. It's subtle...

    I'm glad it's there!

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