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    So I'm a week away from my upgrade status(July 1st) and both sprint stores in my city have Pre's in stock. I called Sprint hoping they might be able to move my upgrade status up a week to today,tomorrow or friday since I'm gonna be out of town and would like to have some new entertainment for the weekend... They said they couldn't because the system doesn't let them do things like that... this was after I was pushed from cs to telesales... was like I was on the phone with a robot. I'm gonna continue to wait patiently but am annoyed to a degree... it's only a bloody week! Anyone have suggestions.. or should I just shut my trap?
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    call again ask for sales support not telesales & they can make it happen they always come through for me make sure you ask them to put a note on your acct.
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    cool, thanks. I'll give it a try. Can't see why it would be too difficult to do, havent' had this same exact scenario before but been offered other incentives that seemed just as reasonable as what I'm asking for.
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    I got the same exact answer when I called. I too am eligible 7/1 and tried to get it 8 days early, and they flat out refused.
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    I may try again.. let me know if you have any luck. This is really frustrating when I usually get what I want.. when I want it ...
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    My last upgrade date was jan 1st 2009, and I wanted a Touch Pro, which bestbuy had on sale until December 27th or some such. I called sprint from bestbuy on the 26th, and they switched my upgrade date right there on the spot. I don't know why they would refuse your change.
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    I wouldn't be. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why we weren't "Premier Customers" with Sprint. I called in and asked about it and they said the "computer" decides based on factors in your account. Being a programmer, I understand what they're saying. Oddly enough, a month after asking about it, we became a Premier Customer. Coincidence?
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    well no more wait... just held one at BestBuy for 199 without rebate.. I get to pick up at the store tomorrow(July1st) at 11:AM

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