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    I just got an offer of $10 to fill out a survey from Russell Research. Can anybody confirm that this is legit and that they actually received a check?

    I'm suspicious for a number of reasons: the e-mail headers are bit suspect, and the survey link in the body of the e-mail (SPSS mrInterview - Authentication) actually links to a different web site (
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    I got a survey but mine was for 10 dollars, I completed it with no problems.
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    Also received same letter. I'm not sure if it's just a random spam that "by luck" I happened to own a palm, or if it is in fact through palm profile/contact. I'm thinking latter though I'm not exactly sure what to think of it. (I'm saying so since this email account I have is pretty "clean" as far as spam goes).
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    I received it also, but when I followed the link it said the survey was closed.
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    I got one of the messages and the link didn't work. I wrote to the help address in the e-mail, wondering if it was even legitimate. Here was their reply...

    "We're sorry you were disappointed. We set a quota for each study and due to a very quick response, this study reached its quota very quickly. Apparently there were a lot of customers eager to share their opinion about their phone. Hopefully you will have another chance in the future to give Palm your input."

    I'm wondering why Palm spent $10 per user to find out what we think about our Palm phone... they can read these forums for free.

    But, at least we know why the survey link didn't work. We all jumped at the chance to have yet another method to communicate our views to Palm. Apparently we don't feel like Palm is listening to this forum or the forum on the Palm site...

    That's probably more important for Palm to realize than the actual answers to the survey questions.
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    I got the $10 survey last week. Seems legit to me. I felt good to know that Palm is out getting feedback from existing users. This was a very extensive survey that took about 30 minutes to complete.

    The main questions were around:

    - form factor preferences
    - favorite features and why
    - things you didn't like and why
    - would you recommend the phone to others and why
    - how and what you sync to the desktop and cloud and why for each (tons of detailed questions here: contacts, calendar, photos, video, notes and tasks)
    - email details

    I was listed as a Pixi Plus user, so I'm not sure that the survey request went out to the broader audience. Again, this was probably one of the most extensive surveys I have eve participated. It will be interesting to see what Palm learns and what they decide to do with the feedback.
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    I don't know yet if it's any good, but I got my check for $10 in the mail yesterday. It appears the e-mail and survey were legit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sake View Post
    what questions are they asking?
    Got mines almost a month ago,got back a check with 10dollars... I cash that bad sucker and got me a screen protector for my pre. Lmao
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