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    I had to exchange my phone twice. The first time for the cracking of the screen and the 2nd time for the extremely wobbly slider. Each time Sprint put in for an exchange device. I'm waiting for the 2nd one to come in. I wanted to exchange for a brand new device but the Corporate store tells me they can't do that and that they have to create an E ticket and so when it comes in I just receive the phone in a UPS box bubble wrapped. The first phone appeared to be new. It didn't say refurb on the ##786# screen. Can someone explain why Sprint won't just exchange for a new boxed phone. They seemed to have plenty in the back. I could see them through the window.

    I'm worried that the new exchange may not make it during the 30 day period. Would I be able to return the phone completely and then repurchase a few weeks or months later and still get the upgrade price?

    I also have another Pre on my account and that one is rock solid.
    Thanks for any help.
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    The 30 day exchange needs to be done in first 30 days. If the phone was replaced for physical damage, i.e. A cracked screen, you won't be able to return the phone.
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