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    I hear everybody who's having problems, but my phone is working perfect. I mean of course there are somethings I wish it did like forward a text or take video (which I'm sure is on it's way) but I've had NO hardware issues at all. My screen has a little play but I'm sure it was designed this way because if it was rigid then I'm sure it would cause stress from opening and closing and would eventually crack the plastic stress points. I'm typing this whole post on my Pre from Arby's on my lunch. I love my pre...I was waiting 1st day it came out. Battery was a little bit of an issue but it seems to get better the more charges it gets (I am a heavy user)

    I was a little upset with the reception but after updating my network setting from phone prefrences and also turning on data roaming (since roaming is free on the everything plan, I called Sprint to make sure) I get great reception, maybe this would help some others who aren't getting as good of a signal. (it was really bad in my apartment, even on my Treo)

    I had two Treos, one with Palm OS and one with Windows Mobile. I hated windows mobile, and loved Palm, seeing as the old palm phones had alot of the features that are lacking in the new Pre WebOS I'm pretty convinced that those will be intregrating soon.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    Well you answered one question that I've been wondering about, that data roaming is still free on the everything plan.

    I'm happy as a clam with my Pre. Not missing the video camera or other new apps -- I know they will come in time. Still love the multi-tasking and Pandora is awesome.
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    I have a tiny spot of slight discloloration in the screen, but my Pre is perfect otherwise. I look forward to updates and improvements, but I love the phone as is for the time being.
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    I love Arby's and i love my Pre. The screen does have some little wiggle but it's for the best. Like you said, I'd rather have mine wiggle than crack. Battery is okay and i expect it to get better with more updates to come. I have great signal outside and had poor signal in my house, but a free Airave fixed that. All in all, I'm happy with the hardware of my Pre and am waiting for the software updates to come (Video recording, custom sounds, Flash, etc.)
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    I bought the HTC Touch, Instinct, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, and Centro all when they first came out, and I must say I definately love this phone over all even after they were hacked and updated
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    Perfectly happy here. Best purchase I've made in quite a while.
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    i'm at about 95%
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    Oh yess, gotta love the cards
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    I am really happy with the Pre with what's there....just wish there was more "there".

    I was starting to think I was the luckiest guy alive, to get a pre with no issues.
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    I love it.
    Minus my weird speaker issue which might finally make me exchange my perfect phone.
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    It took 2 exchanges, but #3 is a-ok. I am pleased as punch.
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    Perfectly happy with my Pre. Wish the calendar was a bit faster, but otherwise, great!
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    i've been looking for a new phone for a long time - but when i heard the pre was coming out - i got very excited - im very happy with it - in time more apps will come - and will make my purchase more valuable
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    My hardware is fine the OS needs a lot of work.
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    i luv my pre.
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    Still missing voice dialing, but happy with the hardware. Knock on wood, no bad pixels on the display (but one bad pixel in the camera), only slight heat discoloration at the bottom of the screen, solid slider, 5/21 warranty date.
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    Love it! Love it!
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    Very happy -- I built it up so high in the months that we were all waiting for it that I assumed I would be let down when it finally arrived, but this thing is great.
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    I was just getting ready to post something like this!

    Yes, I am pretty happy. I have a great unit I guess - 5/17 mfg date. I have no bleed and no dead pixels. The slider was tight - too tight - the first week and then it loosened up a little and now it slides great. It does move a bit - but it is only about .5mm (yes, I know what a mm looks like!). I expected this - I have a Touch Pro. After a few days, my battery got a lot better and after 1.03, I think it got a little more better. I have also switched back to roaming and the battery is a little worse, but not much.

    Bottom line - it is the best smartphone at Sprint right now. I LOVE the webOS and now can't imagine going back to WM. I could do an iPhone, but I can't do ATT. Cost too much for so little service - at least for me.

    I also would like video capabilities and I would like more of the Exchange features (invitations mainly and the ability to dial from the calendar). But the fact they got an update out in 2 weeks is a very good sign to me. I am looking forward to seeing where the platform goes. And if it falls apart (hardware wise), I'll get another one - or wait it out a bit. But webOS, SWEET!
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    I have a few intermittent issues with gmail sync, but overall I could not be happier with the Pre. It is great, and will only get better.
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